Lumea toata e o portocala!

When Charlie came home that night, he saw his wife’s clothes on the floor all ofer the apartment. For a second he thought she might have been in danger, but when he saw her lingerie at the entrance of their bedroom he was sure she was waiting for her lovely husband to come home and have a hot night.
What a wife!
She was always waiting for him with dinner, being all lovely with a man that always came home late from work, all grumpy and tired. But he was her man.
For a moment Charlie blamed himself for his harshness with his wife. He promised himself he’ll get her flowers the next day and they’ll spend a sweet morning with bitter black coffee.
He smiled happy of his thoughts and moved his ideas on Ms. Charlies naked body.

He opened the door slowly to see if Ms. Charlie fell asleep, but in the same time he heard her lewd voice:
” Oh Bob, you’re the best. I love you”
That phrase pierced Charlie’s heart. He opened the door widely and saw the worst scene of his life.
His best-friend and his wife togeter in his bed.

The man screamed, grabbed Bob and beated him, trowed with things all over the bedroom. He was going crazy. The image of Ms. Charlie and his best-friend kept nagging him until late morning.

„Why Ms, Charlie, why?! I loved you so much!”

Alone and depressed, Charlie got addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. He got fired, the apartment was gained by his wife on the divorce, and he got a little rented room on the suburbs in the first months.
Later on he would spend all the rent money on alcohol. A little later on he would be trowed out from his room. Much later on he would die on the streets.

And his lovely wife ex-Ms. Charlie still fucks his best-friend, Bob. Ocazionally Bob’s best-friends too.



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