Pentru suflet

„spune-mi atunci
spune-mi o poveste
te iubesc
şi-mi pare rău că te iubesc…
e oarecum ciudat”

2 gânduri despre „Pentru suflet”

  1. same old storynothing new to worryand it goes like this,without farewell kiss:he's a little bit lateand yet she can't waitdriven by lust she's cheatingwith whomever she's meetinghe sees the nightmare, leaveson the grass full of leafsin full despairnothing left to careshe follows to redeemthrowing self esteemtrying to findthe boy who's now blinddirty and drunkthrowing his rankin a bottle of whiskyknowing it's riskyand still he tries to get ridthe sorrow’s black seedhaunted by the ghostof the girl he proposedhe meets his endon a cold night in bedthe fact that he's gone she can't bearand it seems only fairthe same faith she metdeath was all there's leftfor her deadly sinburied in the skin

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