1 gând despre „The rules of a gentleman”

  1. no5: true[no comment]no9: true[she shuould have common sense and do something without him telling her]no12: it's not a must is it?…no56:that's totally crap. you wouldn't like to be beaten even if you deserve it…do you?…no57: yeah right…wake upno55: true[common sense]no63: …without a reason!no77: that's so "oh my little puppy…come and entertain me"…we can try to make you feel better so stop bitching around and let us do our job!no85:yeah right. all that you want to hear it's a guy's story about his ex and how the bitch hurt him…sureeeeee/:)no86:well, some lies are told to protect the one you love. anyway, lying is badno90:sure, you'll fall for our vocabulary and our amazing way of speaking…yeah right/:)no115: trueno127: whatever…no139: then stop using it so often!!!no140: some girls just don't!! no141: i agree to thatno150: that makes sense since you agreed to be with her.no155: yeah right, you're good as finding things out as you are to discover why firewall doesn't allow unknown data to go into your computer.no170: trueno171: so true…no178: basic ruleno180: tip:see how much she weights first;)no182: so true:))no190: that's already a quote from some cheesy movieno191: same as the above…

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