Sleeping beauty, sleeping daemons..

Sleep all day whithin, do everything right, let every day pass like it doesn’t matter….

Awake at  night, in my sleep, in my dreams, I see you more and more…again.

We finished our business some months ago. We saw each other. I cried my love and died.

So I wonder now why is it that I started dreaming of you again…and my dreams are my reality, cause baby this life is not what I wanted, not how I wanted it, but show me a human being that is happy with his life…I aint seeing none where I am. I’m starting to think that your presence in my dreams means another thing, and I’m afraid it’s the projection of my depression trying to crawl back into my dreams…that’s how it started last time, with me dreaming of you everynight. Guess what? It still screws me up that I’m dreaming of you, but the reasons aren’t the same.

I still miss you, miss my love for you, miss what we had…but I saw a cold-hearted man that forced himself to be like that in order to survive and succeed…right now I’m just surviving and thinking of trying the same recipe in order to succeed..


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