Anniversary card

As our anniversary comes so quick… i’ve been giving a lot of thought what to write on that damned card. Your childish idea caught me up so much. Oh well…after all, i’m a sucker for romance.

I love you.

That’s what i wanna write. But will it be enough for you to understand?

You make me a better person.

You made me love myself again. Through your eyes, i rediscovered what i loved and understood what i don’t like anymore.

Whoever wrote that true love is not about butterflies in your stomach, but about the calm in your soul…was damn right.

You’re like waves washing the shores of my mind.

Through you, I learned to love myself again.

I’m still learning. It’s a process.

I’m in love with you. I love you. You make me happy.

But i’m afraid my words won’t convey all my feelings properly.. until i learn how to properly say „Happy anniversary!”


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