End of 2017

First day back at work. First time I’ve ever written from my workplace, from any workplace, but I’ve gotta spill the words.

2017 has been such a blessing. How the year started like a nightmare and how it ended like a fairytale, oh, the irony…

One year ago I was crying over some guy which I thought was the love of my life, my first love..

One year later I’m sitting with my soulmate, having bubble bath fights and filling the apartment with laughter..

I didn’t believe in faith before, but I do now.

I didn’t believe in God before, but I do now.

I’ve learned so much this year…about myself, about my abilities, about just how much can I love, how much can I suffer, how much can I do. And I’m grateful: to be alive, to be able to appreciate all the small things, to even be able to write these words I’m writing now.

I’ve traveled a lot this past year. First to escape, afterwards to discover, in between to simply enjoy life.

And most of it, I’m grateful that I finally found you. I’ve searched for you for so long, I didn’t even knew until it was shown to me..

2017 gave me so much.

I hope 2018 will give me even more of you, of me, of us.


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