Odd feeling

I...  I don't know how any of this happened. He's a terrific person, he's sexy,  we get it on, he likes me the way I am. I don't even like me the way I am. Everything is terrific, but I gotta tell you, I'm experiencing this very odd feeling... I think it might be happiness.


5 AM: Hello Faith

There are a few moments in this life when I thought it some things happened for a reason beyond me and my understanding. You came in my life at the worst moment, in the most unexpected way, and decided to stay as if was the most natural thing to do. In that night, when I… Citește în continuare 5 AM: Hello Faith

The reason

My shrink said that I must find the reason why I keep going back to him, that I can't be a masochist to inflict so much pain upon myself without receiving something in return. And I keep coming up with many reasons...yet I can't find the one.